Times are filled with distrust and avarice. Even though they are one race, humanity split up after their once so beautiful planet decayed. Driven by hatred and greed they saw just one goal: the universe’s one true power being their own. Their goals are the same, yet the humans followed different ideologies.

As loyal citizens of the kingdom of Teraris, the Tarianes believe: the will of their old king is the sole true possibility to uphold the old empire and destroy those, that left them. To them, their philosophy is the one truth, but those delusions are what spurs them to rebuild their former kingdom filled with glory and to destroy those, that don’t believe in their ideology.

On the outskirt planet Ligar the Tavar, survivors of the army of the old empire, regroup. Their rebellious attitude and seclusion got them the title of Outlaws. They are focused on amplify their physical abilities and getting armed for war, for that purpose they gather metal garbage from outer space to create bionic enhancements. Even though enhancements, like bionic eyes for better vision or metallic equipment strengthening the legs and arms, were embedded within them, their ways to gather food stayed quite traditional.

But not everyone thinks the same: the Teshir live on Ikona and claim that everyone not believing in a God, who was the cause for their former Worlds destruction, is unworthy. The Teshir are part of the order of Setara and are convinced that all life without the seed of evil is worthy of protection. The Order is known to protect the system they created and nature itself at all cost. Their belief is strong and it is the reason they go to war. Though their goals are of peaceful nature, their will to fight and to reach their goals is riddled with hatred and anger. If you do not believe in their god, the sentence is death.


It is a race filled with golems and stonelike creatures. They live on planets that are uninhabitable for any other lifeform, seeing as their bodies imitated all of the planets’ traits to perfection. That way they were able to call those planets their home. Thanks to their saplings the Gazus are able to terraform certain areas to change them to their preferences. Using that method they can adjust the soil’s properties to match their own traits, so they are capable of digging into the ground and gathering resources. The minerals they gained this way are turned into important nutrients.

Gaiatus: These granite golems living on the planet Rocsha see their purpose in strengthening their defense. They neither live in peace nor harmony, which is why they use all their resources to prepare for war. All other stone tribes view that behavior as pure madness and subsequently object it. Though their defense is their forte, the damage they can inflict should not be underestimated. Imbued with rage and determination those giants of granite destroy everything in their path, no defense can withstand them.

Dazirs: They live without sunlight on the moon Delvus, whose surface is covered in ice and crystals. They adapted perfectly to such a cold climate, which is the reason why their bodies can deform at will. They can fluidify parts of their body for a short amount of time and return them to their previous state afterwards. Their hands can be transformed into shields for example, to defend them against enemy projectiles, ice lances to break enemies’ armament or ice maces to demolish enemies’ infantry. Alone and reclusive they don’t show integrity in war. Neither benevolence nor remorse are terms which are known to them. Their only purpose is destroying and reconquering the universe.


No one knows why or when they awakened nor how long they have been in the old flagship. For everyone besides them, it is just a pile of garbage, but for the A.M.F.U. it is their place of birth. The letters “Tec” are written on the vessel’s casing and the other tribes call it by that name. However, there is more activity on the inside than meets the eye. For example the so-called core is stored there while it is managing all tasks. Every machine receives its commands and coding from there.

The core has the ability to continuously improve itself and has the knowledge to create artificial intelligence that handles minor processes. The Seeks are roaming the entire universe to spy on their enemies. The Builders are constantly repairing and upgrading the ship. They use old machines to create new weapons and machinery for war, in order to travel faster around the universe or to plan and execute attacks on certain areas. They set all of that up on the moon Iona. A reflective particle matrix hides Iona’s surface from view, veiling the true extent of the threat the A.M.F.U. present to other races.


The Scirax are a species that consists of a lot of different kinds of insects, all unique and some gorgeous, but you should never judge a book by its cover. They are as deadly as they are beautiful and as ruthless as they are charming. With their sharp claws and poisonous fangs they can pierce through any material and melt even the best armor with their acid. Similar to the other races the Scirax are a group made up of many different tribes. Although they are not very amiable with each other, in times of war they stand as one. The Icix, an aggressive but strong tribe, are known to be fearless. Their sole purpose in life is to fight and kill. They participated in countless battles and rarely lost. All around the universe, their name strikes fear into the souls of all others and no one even goes near their planets without a good reason.

The Anurix gathered experience in many battles to secure their territory. Those fights were a necessity to maintain the fundamentals of their belief and for ecological conservation. In their faith and commitment to preserve nature, they have but one goal: to return peace and order, for their bloodline to never end.

Furthermore, there are also hunters and gatherers, the Icasix. Their similarities to mercenaries are undeniable. Their strong hunting instinct never lets them relax and they are constantly on high alert and keep track of their surroundings to find every weak spot.  Especially their scouts are very skilled, as they are rarely spotted and able to gather as much information about the enemy and their armies as possible. Their attacks are lightning-fast and they know no mercy in their pursuit of resources.


They lived for eons and their strength is beyond measure, no one even knows where or when they started to exist. Names for them are many: Worldeater, Devourer of Souls or Liberty thief. Those names are the result of their ability to use wormholes to go wherever they want. Furthermore, they are able to implant their own cells into a body and gain control of the host. Their soldiers are called Seeders. They have an unimaginable amount of warriors in their army.  Equaling a plague instead of seeds, they conquered or destroyed many planets along with their inhabitants. They seem unstoppable, but even if they appear to be strong and mighty, there are still ways to defeat them. Their numbers are few and although their lifespan seems infinite, they’re becoming shorter with each seed they plant. Their only chance is to overrun their opponents to achieve a quick victory and by that gain more time to look for a cure for their short lives. The Orbita it could be the solution to their dilemma.