In a time filled with misery, hatred, and violence the universe was riddled with chaos. Power, Greed and the unwavering will to continue one’s own existence, rendered the wish for peace in the galaxy impossible. The despair of the tribes is immense and their resources short, war became the only possible solution for something to change. The urge to seize the new energy source led the different races into an unwavering fight to obtain the Orbita. When the tribes realized how many resources were to be found on the fragmented planets Gaius, Rocsha, and Delvus, created when an uninhabited planet was hit by an enormous meteorite, they ventured forth even deeper into the universe to be able to call the Orbita their own. Thus the worst war ever to be known within the boundaries of the galaxy … started.

ST 757382,61

Sigma Etaris is filled with the spirit of peace. Humans live in harmony and happiness on their planet. The Empire of Tararis is granting protection and order on Latarus. Because of the perceived wealth of the people, they see no need for conflict. The frequent trade of rare goods on their markets strengthens the flourishing economy.  It is a time without inequality, so the humans try to maintain this kind of life. But they do not just trade, they also connect on a spiritual level with others.

That way they gain insight on other cultures living on Latarus and learn to honor and treasure them. But in every society there are people filled with doubt. Many are afraid the relations with other races will influence or even end peace. All discussions about this topic are held secretly. Obviously, there are those who use that doubt to sow the seed of distrust. It’s understandable how the skepticism came into being. They feel betrayed because the resources aren’t distributed equally and the royalty has a better social standing than the commoners.

The results are a few commoners who feel misunderstood and whose words manipulate the minds of others, so new groups and communities have come into existence. At the moment it’s mostly just words, but even those can cause aggravation. Despite all that, all the different groups can still coexist peacefully. What would the world be without the order and the protection granted by the empire? Truly a horrible place filled with war and hatred, and no one wants that to happen. While they may be filled with doubt, they all have family and friends, and the loss of those would be the worst that could happen.

ST 757760,44

Some time passed: the people continued to live in peace and harmony on Latarus. But some circumstances have changed: the discontent has increased and the inequalities between the nobility and the poor have become more and more apparent. Of course, this tilted more and more the mood, and increased the hatred and anger of the lower classes. So it happened that orden like the Setaras could rise. Made up of members from different religious orders, so unfair treatment of the lower classes accelerated growth tremendously of the Setara.

So it came from a few people quickly one of the most powerful order rose. They have spoken out against the Empire and firmly follow their own faith. Believers and fanatics are preparing to put an end to the whole and oppose the Empire. Many preaches attract more and more followers into the house Setaras.


“The Empire makes us hungry, they give the money to the rich while we crawl in the dirt”


A line from the sermons of the Setaras, which absorbs the displeasure of the people. Not only did they start to talk, they also prepare for the fight. So it was that they started collecting weapons and making armor. Their goals: to end the inequality and prevent the oppression of those who still follow the Empire. They plan a infiltration on the interior of the empire to capture the local Victas for themselves. Victas were once created to preserve peace in the streets and represent a real superior force.

But this power was abused and used to oppress the lower classes. Shaped by the hatred that the empire brought against them, their goal is clear: procuring the Victas and overthrowing the empire. With the goal in mind, they are now looking for the path that will give them the prospect of freedom. However, it is uncertain whether they are the only ones who pursuing this goal. Thus, a certain pressure to handel is present.

ST 758119,10

Time passed, preparations were ran more than good. The Setaras became powerful and grew steadily. They had their goal in mind, and the belief in freedom in mind. Their army was armed with weapons and armor and ready for battle. But they were not the only ones who got together and followed a plan. The suppression by the empire has brought many groups to team up. They have fueled the hatred, hostility and will to fight for their freedom. Although the groups had the same goal, nobody wanted to share the power of the Victas and everyone wanted to use this powerful weapon for their own purposes. So it came also among the groups to fighting and disputes, because everyone wanted the Victas for themselves and nobody wanted to give in. Thus, disputes became small civil wars. The Empire did not try to help them but only to protect themselves, because they felt safe

But how long are they still save…. Thus, days passed with battles in the city and the Empire did not notice that splinter groups are managed to penetrate into the interior and approach the armory. There were not only the weapons of the imperial army but also their armor and the coveted accesses to the Victas. So the Setaras and the Outlaws managed to secure some of these mighty weapons. So they hoped, they can restore peace with it. But the greed of the others was too great, so they started a war in the middle of the city. There were many victims and injured people, whole settlements burned down. Thus the once magnificent empire broke up and the peoples split, even if they belonged to the same tribe. They fled the war in search of a new home for themselves and their people. No one would have thought that the desire for peace and freedom demands such a price, breaking everything in two that they once loved. Many have suffered losses, families have been destroyed or never found themselves again. And so life began on the margins of the universe and history was rewritten. The Empire, once so powerful and esteemed, was destroyed by its own subjects and its unwillingness to stand up for the people.